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Please contact My-Grow via phone/email for pricing and package details. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard or EMT (Email Money Transfer) to My-Grow. 

*Prices subject to change
**Acceptance of application to Health Canada is not guaranteed by My-Grow.

On August 24th, 2016 the Canadian Government released the new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) stating that medical cannabis patients can legally produce their own medication once they have applied for the license to do so through Health Canada. These regulations have replaced the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) as a result of the Federal Court ruling in the case of Allard v. Canada.


We will require:
• Proof of medical history – if medical history is not available, My-Grow may be able to help. Please inquire with a representative.  (*Existing MMAR Licenses may be submitted as proof of medical history.)
• Valid photo Health Card (or Health Card without photo and another piece of official Government photo ID)

We will review your file, and may require additional forms to be filled out prior to confirming your appointment. A 50% deposit will be made to begin the process of applying for your ACMPR License for Production. Once My-Grow is ready to complete your file, the remaining balance will be addressed and your package will be sent to you along with a tracking number. At this time, you will submit your application to Health Canada.

The prescription amount is determined at the discretion of the prescribing doctor and will not be guaranteed by My-Grow.

**A fee of $100 will be applied if less than 24 hours’ notice is given for appointment cancellation
***Response time from Health Canada cannot be guaranteed by My-Grow as the amount of production applications increases daily

Your Quantity Calculations

Maximum number of plants under production

A is the daily quantity of dried cannabis, expressed in grams, indicated on the medical document; C is a constant equal to 1, representing the growth cycle of a cannabis plant from seeding to harvesting; D is the maximum number of cannabis plants that may be under production at the site for the production of cannabis plants under the registration





Price for 1 minute


5 grams/day = 24 plants

is 30 grams, being the expected

yield of dried marihuana per plant


5 grams/day = 10 plants 

B is 250 grams, being the expected yield of dried marihuana per plant

Split Prescription


INDOOR: 5 grams/day = 19 plants

OUTDOOR: 5 grams/day = 5 plants


Indoor: B is 30 grams, being the expected yield of dried marihuana per plant
Outdoor: B is 250 grams, being the expected yield of dried marihuana per plant